Good Cycles

Website built in Wordpress, Woocommerce and Elementor for Good Cycles, a social enterprise working to increase employability for youth.

Commuter Cycles

Website built in Wordpress and Woocommerce for the most excellent bike shop in the world. Product icon illustrations by Luke Powell.

Australian Energy Foundation

Website built in Wordpress and Elementor based on the new AEF branding.

Curriculum Vitae

Some personal branding I recently completed – my own CV. You can download the PDF version of this CV here.  

The Port-Air Pad

This was my final Honours project for my RMIT Industrial Design degree, completed in 2017.

Phenomenology of Light

I published a visual essay on Medium.com titled “A Visual Essay: Discovering the phenomenology and philosophy of light“, which features a selection of my photography work alongside some phenomenological…

VEIL Eco-Acupuncture – Leeuwarden Energy Park

In 2017 I participated in the VEIL EcoAcupuncture Leeuwarden 2018 – 2040 project, via a multi-disciplinary studio run through Melbourne Uni as part of my RMIT Industrial Design…

16 Days Activist Website

Moreland’s Zero Carbon Evolution

Moreland Energy Foundation

Partners in Communication

Be Present

The Mindful Unlocker

Phone Slave

Peril 2016

Initial design by Kristine Kenins, which I then fleshed out into a full site layout and fully responsive WordPress theme.

Lighting the Way in Brunswick

Completed for the Design the Other Way Round research unit with Malte Wagenfeld at RMIT Industrial Design, this is a phenomenological design exploration into bike path lighting in Brunswick, Victoria.


for grown ups

Maelstrom Stool

A playful and lively piece of furniture for your interior living space or office. An exploration of plywoods, laminates, glues, swearing, clamps, straps, steam-bending and jig making.

Kitty Sentinel

This was a 2nd year project designed for the Hapticware studio. It’s an RFID enabled cat feeder system that scares away unwanted cats by vibrating the baseplate when…

Reverse Engineering

The Soul Spectrum

Moka Pot Handle

A reverse engineering exercise for Materials Engineering in 1st year.    

Unidextrous Bottle Opener Prototypes

Simple prototyping of a one-handed bottle opener for User Centered Design studio in 1st year.




This story and photography was featured in Desktop Magazine, April 2008.   Isolation is the theme of this set, they say.  Reminded me of a road trip I…


Northcote Rental Housing Co-operative

Western Integrated Family Violence Committee

Kirrily Hammond

carbon road bike

the samurai

Tili Bwino

Central Ranges LLEN

Aurora Environmental

Description A great Wordpress powered site for the Western Australian environmental consultancy.

The Panda

The Panda was the third frame I made. A road bike for a tall chap here in Melbourne.


Sagi Bar